The New Emoji Keyboard

In class on Thursday we briefly mentioned that with the new iPhone update there came a new emoji keyboard. With this new keyboard came the ability to change the color of the skin on many of the human looking emoji faces. In class, however, we did not fully dissect the ramifications of this change. One person made the comment that… Read more →

Thinking about gender imbalance

A few weeks ago, my Chidsey Fellows class elected a member of our cohort to represent our group on the program EBoard. Out of our nineteen members, six people ran for the position: five guys and one girl. When I saw the candidates stand up to give their pitches, I was taken aback by the obvious gender imbalance among the six… Read more →

Drag Performances for Empathy Building

I was recently watching RuPaul’s Drag Race on day time television — I’ve watched episodes in the past, and RuPaul is a fantastic entrepreneur and entertainer. It got me thinking about how drag performances can be explored in regards to expression of identity and femininity, and also the intersections between expressions of femininity and sexuality. It would appear that many… Read more →

Apple Watch

I made a comment a couple of weeks ago on a peer’s blog post about the gendered contextualization of smartwatch advertisements as well as expressed curiosity as to the direction the technology will go. Smartwatches have had a sluggish start but are figured to pick up momentum in the coming years. Analysts suggest that the Apple Watch will jumpstart the… Read more →

Internet as Community

I’ve been thinking a lot about the final project and initially I wanted to do something pertaining to literature, like looking at how technology influenced Bram Stoker’s Dracula, specifically the tension between the old, traditional ways and the new, technologically influenced ways.  However, after reflecting on previous courses that have incorporated gender and technology from a different angle, I think I’ve… Read more →

What if..?

What if..? I thought it was very interesting how there wasn’t anything really crude about the video Gone Home. I believe that if the main character of this video game was a male a lot of things would be different. During the video game, alcohol bottles and shots were visible but the character isn’t able to consume any of… Read more →

Female Gothic

Ellen Moers pioneered the term the female gothic in 1976. Defined as literature that “articulated women’s dissatisfactions with patriarchal society and addressed the problematic position of the maternal within that society, but placed the Gothic at the centre of the female tradition.” (Smith 1) Using this classic definition of a sub genre I question whether “Gone Home” is a gothic, female… Read more →

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