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The New Emoji Keyboard

In class on Thursday we briefly mentioned that with the new iPhone update there came a new emoji keyboard. With this new keyboard came the ability to change the color of the skin on many of the human looking emoji faces. In class, however, we did not fully dissect the ramifications of this change. One person made the comment that… Read more →

Female Gothic

Ellen Moers pioneered the term the female gothic in 1976. Defined as literature that “articulated women’s dissatisfactions with patriarchal society and addressed the problematic position of the maternal within that society, but placed the Gothic at the centre of the female tradition.” (Smith 1) Using this classic definition of a sub genre I question whether “Gone Home” is a gothic, female… Read more →

Utter Confusion

.entry-header After watching parts 1 & 2 of Anita Sarkeesian’s videos focusing on female tropes in video games, I came away with one question. Why have we become jaded as a society to brutal violence against women? The game makers write these characters in to be used as objects – and nothing more. But why is no one sitting in… Read more →

Thinking About Gender Through the Lens of Race

In one of my previous posts I mentioned the parallels between this class and a history seminar that I am taking. I was reminded of this this past week in the history seminar when we discussed the theory behind race, reading different scholars from Kant to DuBois. While the idea of race is quite complex, this history of how people have… Read more →

Templated Self

In today’s class, we were talking about selfies and the templated self. One key distinction that was made is that the templated self is not you controlling how you portray yourself in a picture. Rather, it is social media’s ability to provide you with a medium (such as a profile picture) for a personal picture. With selfies, we have also… Read more →

The World v.s. The Internet

The world we live in does not treat men and women equally but should we expect the internet to? The internet is one of the few platforms for expression and discussion where money nor identity can give you an upper hand. I say this with the focus on user based platforms not advertising or for profit sites. Anyone can comment… Read more →

Just a Dream

.entry-header Does a dream invalidate truth? What makes it any less valid? If identity, “wholeness”, and belonging are the main themes of the story, then why does the investigation of those things happening in the dream state have less value when the dream is a projection of the subconscious? Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein had its beginning in a dream, which later became a… Read more →

Orientalism and Frankenstein

Over the last week I began to notice how intertwined our digital studies class is with a history seminar I am taking. In the history seminar we have looked at the “other” in terms of race and religion and how the “other” is represented, studied and talked about. While the topics of the two classes are different, the themes and… Read more →

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