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Drag Performances for Empathy Building

I was recently watching RuPaul’s Drag Race on day time television — I’ve watched episodes in the past, and RuPaul is a fantastic entrepreneur and entertainer. It got me thinking about how drag performances can be explored in regards to expression of identity and femininity, and also the intersections between expressions of femininity and sexuality. It would appear that many… Read more →

What if..?

What if..? I thought it was very interesting how there wasn’t anything really crude about the video Gone Home. I believe that if the main character of this video game was a male a lot of things would be different. During the video game, alcohol bottles and shots were visible but the character isn’t able to consume any of… Read more →

Reaction to Gone Girl

I have never played a game even slightly similar to Gone Girl, so the experience was an interesting one for me.  Despite not really having a method to keep score or compete in any way, I felt compelled to keep playing and learn as much as I can about the storyline.  Looking back, I think of the game as more of an… Read more →

A Ways to Go

In “The 10 Most Powerful Women in Gaming,” John Gaudiosi describes overall trends in how females have engaged with video games and subsequently generates a list of the industry’s most notable contributors. He first contrasts the share of female employees at gaming companies (15%) with the share of female gamers around the world, (46%) suggesting that the two figures ought… Read more →

Public/Private, High/Low Brow & Female Nudity

I found the article on sexting quite interesting, and combined with Walker Rettberg ideas concerning filters, I thought this was a good jumping off point for discussing female nudity. There are several online projects that ask questions about how society attaches “appropriateness” to some types of nude bodies but not to others. For example, the Venus de Milo is a piece… Read more →

Modern Modeling

Modern Modeling In the past, women have been seen in the private sphere. Now women have gotten to the point where they are also in the public sphere. For example, modeling is a socially activity, where women model off bikinis and other stylist clothes and it’s just become something accepted by society. This acceptance has propelled women into… Read more →

Body Construction

The Patchwork Girl made me think about the various ways we use technology to alter our bodies and appearance.  The two ways that came to me immediately were implants and the recent trend of photoshopping pictures. I always wonder what drives people to spend the money to have their bodies cut up for implants.  Is it so they feel good… Read more →

The Persistance of Othering

Tuesday’s class discussion on the nature of Victor Frankenstein’s creation made me consider discussions in my Data Culture Class (DIG 210) and how they parallel two topics in our course. Specifically, the ways in which the creature was described has applications outside of literature. In conversations surrounding the author’s descriptions of Frankenstein’s creation, we concluded that he was deliberately “othered”… Read more →

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