Author: Violet Degnan

Drag Performances for Empathy Building

I was recently watching RuPaul’s Drag Race on day time television — I’ve watched episodes in the past, and RuPaul is a fantastic entrepreneur and entertainer. It got me thinking about how drag performances can be explored in regards to expression of identity and femininity, and also the intersections between expressions of femininity and sexuality. It would appear that many… Read more →

Public/Private, High/Low Brow & Female Nudity

I found the article on sexting quite interesting, and combined with Walker Rettberg ideas concerning filters, I thought this was a good jumping off point for discussing female nudity. There are several online projects that ask questions about how society attaches “appropriateness” to some types of nude bodies but not to others. For example, the Venus de Milo is a piece… Read more →

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