Author: alcowie

Thinking about gender imbalance

A few weeks ago, my Chidsey Fellows class elected a member of our cohort to represent our group on the program EBoard. Out of our nineteen members, six people ran for the position: five guys and one girl. When I saw the candidates stand up to give their pitches, I was taken aback by the obvious gender imbalance among the six… Read more →

Reactions to Fairchild’s exploitation of Navajo labor

When reading “Indigenous Circuits: Navajo Women and the Racialization of Early Electronic Manufacture,” by Lisa Nakamura, I was struck by what I found to be the blatant exploitation of Navajo women in the electronics manufacturing industry. According to Nakamura, Fairchild Semiconductor chose to “insource” their manufacturing to a Navajo reservation in Shiprock, New Mexico because of the cheap labor and… Read more →

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