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Apple Watch

I made a comment a couple of weeks ago on a peer’s blog post about the gendered contextualization of smartwatch advertisements as well as expressed curiosity as to the direction the technology will go. Smartwatches have had a sluggish start but are figured to pick up momentum in the coming years. Analysts suggest that the Apple Watch will jumpstart the… Read more →

Gone Home

Playing through the game, while trying to operate the game and solve the clues, I was trying to pick up on the parts of the game that included gender stereotypes or implications.  I found it interesting, however, that the game may have been trying to break down some of the traditional relationship stereotypes.  For example, Sam is discussing her relationship… Read more →

Makey Makeys

Makey Makeys March 23, 2015 Katie Tabachnick 1 Comment On Tuesday we worked with Makey Makeys. I’m not sure how I feel about them. It may just be that I’m not very technologically savvy, but I found them difficult to use. There were a lot of restrictions on what you could do with the Makey Makeys. I’m glad that we… Read more →

What’s a Girl to Do

Why do we associate “doing it like a girl” to mean half heartedly and wimpy? And why does this carry on into the technological world? Women are forever being put down with the belief that they are not as capable as men, not as smart as men, and surely can not program as well as men. My sophomore year of high… Read more →

Thoughts on White/Gold | Blue/Black Dress

This dress has been circulating around the internet for the past couple of days and may very well be extinct by the time I post this. My intention isn’t to draw more attention regarding the colors of the dress or to comment on ideas of perception. Instead, I want to highlight the other type of response I observed that’s a greater issue… Read more →

Wearable Technology

Technology and new computer innovations are being introduced into modern society and everyday communities as they become commonplace objects and things that you will see and use everyday.  There is a demand for the speedy and shiny new technology from each person in the community, yet the Susan Ryan article demonstrates how quickly companies jump to genders these products.  Advertisements… Read more →

Are You Kidding Me?

Patchwork Girl was probably the most frustrating thing I’ve ever read. It was confusing for many reasons, the main one being the fact that it was non-linear. There was no way to know if you read all of it and if you did manage to read all of it, your interpretation of it was completely different from the next person’s.… Read more →

The Garden of Eden

After reading the next volume of Frankenstein, I began to think of the parallels between the Creation Story of the Bible and the relationship between Victor and his creation.  Victor creates a new being, giving life to something that was once nothing literally.  As the creature explores his new world like Adam, he begins to feel the weight of being alone… Read more →

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