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Blogging Synthesis

At the beginning my blog-posts were related more to what we were studying in class, but as time past my blog-post became more about what I experience in the world of technology and how it affects our decisions and interactions with a life online. For example my first blog-post was about how our usage of technology […]

The Monster Behind the Screen

Trolls, most of know how to spot a troll, however some people are just blind to the idea that there are people out there that just like to piss you off. Sometimes trolls can be funny, but most of the time they’re just obnoxious and clutter up an individual’s comment section. The individual that is […]

Blogging Synthesis

When I read over all of my Intro to Digital Studies blog posts from the semester what I first noticed is that in each post I chose to write about the negative parts of technology such as addiction to technology in my first post or the development of co…

Blogging Synthesis

One common theme across my blog posts is a sense of confusion. Since being in Digital Studies 101 the world of the internet and technology have seemed to confuse even more. The capabilities, but more concerningly the issues surrounding technology have opened my eyes to all that is really happening. I have seen that even […]

Blog Synthesis

Most of my blog posts for the semester focus on the discussion about technology’s intended use and its unintended use. All of the subjects being discussed in those blogs are all designed with intentions to either better the connections between people on the internet or to bring convenience to people’s lives. But they also share …

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As I read through my blog posts, I noticed that I was able to analyze and provide opinions on the impact that technology has on society, a topic I never previously thought about. My posts reflect how taking this class opened my eyes to the negative side of technology. I was exposed to many ways […]

I’m Joining the Illuminati

A while back I was approached to join the Illuminati, but I never pursued the offer with any seriousness. However, back in April I was approached by a man on the common social media website called Instagram. At this point I know you’re thinking that I am lying and that the illuminati does not exist but […]

What the heck is QAnon

As someone who has not even heard of QAnon before doing readings for class, the idea seems beyond far-fetched. I don’t understand the need to connect all important events that have happened to each other. I think that as individuals, there should be some semblance of just allowing events to happen. In “The #QAnon ‘Map’ […]

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