Case Study 5 (AI)

MAIS , a medical artificial intelligence system designed to diagnose and treat patients

This case study explores how Artificial Intelligence might impact our life in a medical setting. In each group, a patient will choose between a human or an AI doctor to diagnose and treat their disease based on his/her own judgment, while the parent and the hospital chief influence the patient’s decision with their own motives. There will be two rounds of medical conferences with different time settings and medical conditions.

Setting 1

A hospital just purchased AI robots that are capable of diagnosing and treating patients. Statistically speaking, the AI doctors have better medical judgments based on their extensive machine learning, and perform surgeries more accurately. However, it’s a new technology that is just put into use.

Setting 2

It is 10 years later. Dr. MAIS has improved drastically, and now holds millions of medical records, making it the best in line.

  1. Introduction to Case Study. Groups and roles are assigned. (5 mins)
  2. Explanation of 1st setting. Patients “go to doctors” to receive diagnosis. (Face to face conversation with human doctor and chatting with Dr. MAIS through links below.) We will role play this to give an idea of what’s happening. (5 mins)
    1. Group 1
    2. Group 2
    3. Group 3
    4. Group 4
  3. Explanation of 2nd setting. Patients now have different symptoms and get new diagnoses from doctors. (5 mins)
  4. Groups have a medical conference and discuss treatment plan for the patient, making sure to stay in their roles. Consider each person’s motivations. (15 mins)
  5. Now break off into groups of similar roles and discuss the results of the conference. Consider similarities and differences? (10 mins)
  6. Debrief as a class, starting with ethical observers. (10 mins)
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