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Blogging Synthesis – A Nuanced View of Technology

I confess to being an avid Internet user and enormous fan of technology.  I’ve been in Internet fan communities, for example, for literally half of my life, and I’ve found many gratifying relationships and experiences have been born out of these communities.  On a significantly less frivolous note, as someone with a chronic illness, I’ve …

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After rereading my blog posts from this semester, I saw a pretty apparent shift in the way in which I engaged with our class’ content each week. My first two blog posts seem more analytical, and examine themes in Feed from demand and consumption to human connection and disenchantment. My later three blog posts are […]

Blogging Synthesis

Over the course of Digital Studies 101, my view of the internet has become a lot more critical. I started out with a fairly positive view of the internet, blogging about the growth of streaming and its relationship with playing video games. While I do not dislike the internet now, I do tend to focus […]

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