Case Study 7 – Life Online


This case study introduces you to the concept of Life Online, particularly the way in which your online activity can come back to haunt you in very tangible and problematic ways. We will discusses the implications the arise when offline life and online life merge. The case study involved role playing, each person person will receive a character description, and for a time, you’ll have to inhabit the worldview of that character, which will be provided to you.


Introduce topic (5 min)

Illuminus Activity (10 min)

    1. Go to and sign in with your Facebook account. Spend a few minutes checking out your results, particularly your Financial Risk and Health Risk. (2 min)
    2. Discuss your profile with members at your table. (5 min)
      • Think about the following questions:
        1. What aspects did you find most interesting? Most surprising? Most harmful?
        2. Is it fair for companies to use this software to predict our financial responsibility?
        3. What are possible implications of the adoption of such a system?
        4. Who benefits from its adoption? Who is handicapped?
        5. Why would a government choose to adopt this system? What are the incentives?
        6. If a group finishes early: Discuss how you think the software made its predictions.
      • Briefly debrief with class (3 min)

Judicial Hearing Simulation (25 min) (2 rounds of 7.5 min)

In the year 2100 the United States has experienced an economic crisis caused by the usage of social data in the loan approval process. The United States Government has called for a Judicial Hearing in order to assess the role and efficacy of online data for offline purposes.

      1. Set up (5 min)
      2. Round 1 (7.5 min)
        1. Jury critiques round (2 min)
      3. Round 2 (7.5 min)
        1. Jury critiques round (2 min)

Make your own algorithm + Debrief (10 min)

  • What factors would you consider, include at least 5?
  • What would your valuation process be?
  • What are some implications that arise from your selected factors?
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