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Boss Bias

I am becoming increasingly frustrated and concerned with the number of subtle references to women and societal bias being incorporated in technology. Of course, I don’t blame the physical technology, as its only reflecting the current culture and the time the creators are living in- however its affect far surpasses that realm. Artwork, for example, can […]

Blogging Synthesis: My Takeaways and Reconciliations

The prevailing theme throughout Henry’s Take is indisputably the corporate implications of advanced technology. As early as August, concerns about the replacement risk surfaced in the blog; in the final day of classes, I brought this up to the group. Unsurprisingly, it continuously rests in the back of my mind and may influence my perspective …

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Reading back through my previous five posts, two major reoccurring themes seemed to jump off the page; one, issues of privacy and the need to compromise with our technology. I mentioned concerns of privacy in three out of five posts. In my third post, I wrote on the “meme-ification” of black folks who have been…

Algorithms: The Next Crises Creators?

Algorithms provide a much-needed service: they instantaneously perform a given function, or output by sifting through seemingly insurmountable quantities of data and ascertaining the input. In the financial services industry, algorithms can be used to determine investor sentiment and rapidly make trading decisions. In the healthcare industry, they can ascertain the correct diagnosis when fed …

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The Human Condition in Technology

     GIFs, like virtually every other internet phenomenon, reflect characteristics of their founders. GIFs can convey a message succinctly and without the need for severe analysis or much effort whatsoever. Despite their benefits, GIFs of course carry some downside that stems from the inescapable human condition responsible for their creation, as showcased by Digital …

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The internet has something about everything and conspiracies are no exception. There is literally a conspiracy for every major event that has happened in history. Conspiracies can come from anything regardless of what kind of thing happened or how it was documented. Something can be documented perfectly but people will still find a way to …

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