Blogging Synthesis

Your last blog post of the semester is a synthesis, in which you look over your previous posts and notice what you notice. That is, you think through and analyze the kind of things you tend to write about in your posts.

Begin by rereading all of your DIG 101 posts. As you reread them, take notes, and notice what you noticed in your earlier posts.

Compose a roughly 300-word reflection of your posts. Some questions to consider in your synthesis might include: What do you usually write about in your posts? Are there broad themes or specific concerns that reoccur in your writing? Has the nature of your posts changed in the past ten weeks? What changes do you notice, and how might you account for those changes? What surprised you as you reread your work? What ideas or threads in your posts do you see as worth revisiting? What else do you notice?

Be as specific as possible in your synthesis, even quoting yourself and linking back to your own original posts.

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