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The Threads I’m Continuing: Reflecting on 101

Rereading my blog posts over the course of this semester has revealed three key things: I love applications of theory. Whether it be exploring the role of social capital in the Nosedive episode of Black mirror, or understanding Farman’s philosophy of waiting through Dominos’ loading screens, or talking about the practical implications of our ideas …

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Algorithms, Edublocks, and Other Silicon Snake Oil

During an in-class case study discussion about algorithms predicting financial risk, the most obvious realization hit me. If, as these companies boast, we really can predict to nearly to a tee who is susceptible to defaulting on their loans, why would we use that information to deny loans, rather than providing social support and interventions …

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The Digital “Open”: Revolutionary or Reactionary?

With the support of mentors in the Technology & Innovation department at Davidson College, I was had the pleasure of attending “OpenEd18” from October 10th through October 12th, 2018. Open Ed is an annual conference that focuses on scaling traditional higher educational materials to be available online. During my attendance, I presented my research on …

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Blog Synthesis

I usually write about existential threats to society and human nature in my blog posts. In my first post on data centers, I wrote that the “level of impact [of data centers] is consolidated in the hands of a few major providers, which could lead to a highly concentrated and consolidated market that is unresponsive […]

A Synthesis of the Posts on this Site as Provided by the Site-Runner Himself, Which is Me, in the Form of a Critique of Said Posts and Other Thoughts

I expected my posts to be more cynical than they were after reading my first one, which was, broadly, a claim that the main internet companies work to “manufacture consent” among their users, obstructing truth to keep us uninformed and therefore wanting to use their services. With this as my starting piece, I thought that […]

Synthesizing My Posts from This Semester

Upon re-reading my blog posts from this semester, the first thing that struck me was a common theme of skepticism and pessimism with regards to my attitudes towards technology. As someone who usually prides himself (perhaps unrealistically) on seeing the best in others and in things in this world, I realize that taking this course …

The digital pessimist looks back on his blog posts

Summing up my blog experience, I have thoroughly enjoyed applying the readings to a wide variety of different things. I realized that I often found ways to compare parts of readings and the digital world to other classwork, life experiences, or mental health issues. I believe that the humanities gives us a great chance to …

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