The Frequency of Characters

In my observer post, I am doing something similar to what I did in my first observer post awhile back, but I think this observer post offers some different perspectives for a number of reasons, and with the unique class on Tuesday, comparisons that can be made. I counted the frequency of times that each character in The Circle was mentioned in the GoogleDocs for L-Z on Tuesday and then kept track of the number of times anyone said a character in class, whether Dr. Sample mentioned a character or a student mentioned a character.

On Tuesday, the frequency of characters followed the questions on the GoogleDocs, with Mae brought up frequently, not only because she is the main character but also because of the first question of her being a “stand-in.” Also, Alistair is remarked on because of his connection to Mae as she adjusts to the Circle and also because of the question on the “totally optional” activities.

On Thursday, Mae is once again featured prominently in our discussions but also since we read the section on Mae’s superficial action on the activities in Guatemala, Ana Maria and Tania were read aloud. Mercer was a part of our discussion as we talked about his perceptions versus Mae’s as well.

Overall, I think looking at names instead of topics as opposed to my last post allows us to examine the difference between discussing multiple articles and a novel. Discussing a novel definitely feels more personal and we can utilize examples that are, in some ways, more relatable. Tuesday’s class was online and was solely devoted to answering the questions, so the frequency of names of characters brought up focused on the questions while Thursday we were present in Studio D to discuss a variety of topics and characters.

Frequency of Names Brought Up on Tuesday

Mae 30
Alistair 7
Annie 3
Ty 1
Dan 1
Renata 1
Gina 1
Francis 1


Frequency of Names Brought Up on Thursday

Mae 32
Alistair 1
Tania 5
Ana Maria 9
Mercer 13
Eamon Bailey 3
Kalden 3


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