I was in the A-K document. These observations were recorded there.

  • A total of 14 people edited the document
  • Only two people made use of the chat feature
  • There were 10 people signed into the chat box at the end of the editing period. This number fluctuated throughout.
  • The chat was left a total of 10 times.


  • It was raining on Thursday. A total of 13 people wore rain jackets to class, 6 of whom kept them on during class, 7 deciding to take them off.
  • The four large screens were on(including screen saver) for a total of 1:07:33.
  • Dr. Sample was talking to the entire class for approximately 29:33. This accounts for 39% of class time
  • Students were addressing the entire class for approximately 17:20. This accounts for 23% of class time

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