Observations for 3/24 & 3/26: Participation by Outfit

Building off of previous observations from Drew Gill, I decided to track class participation based on outfit. I recorded what each person in class wore for their shirt and their pants. Shirts were divided into four categories: Short-sleeve/T-shirt, Polo, Button-Down,  and Long-Sleeve/Sweatshirt. Pants were also divided into four categories: Shorts/Skirts, Khakis, Jeans/Other, and Sweatpants. These categories were designed to be a bit vague, mainly because men’s and women’s apparel can vary quite a bit in certain situations.


Proportions seem to align, more or less. The largest percentage disparities have been bolded and changed to red. On Thursday, March 26th, Jeans/Other underperformed when it came to participation in class, accounting for 25% of the number of people in class, but only 9% of the participation. There were other large disparities as well, but that specific one was the largest.

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