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The Love Monster

Emily Ferris’s My Favorite Thing Is Monsters depicts the events of main character Karen’s life as the daughter of a single mother in a poverty-stricken household, trying to survive the struggles of being different in a conservative Catholic school. In an effort to provide readers with the full experience and complexity of a child’s imagination, Ferris …

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Not The Lone Wolf

  Monsters terrify because to society, they are the ultimate paradox. They remind us of something familiar, yet defy every characteristic that qualifies a creature as human. Their attraction is their repulsion, and their idiosynchronicity traps them into an eternal state of not belonging. Monsters experience a life of complete solitude, making them the ultimate …

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A Gut Feeling

In any properly executed work of horror, there are a set of motifs that are not only common, but essential to the story’s success. These timeless clichés revolve around specific imagery that often tells the audience something about what has already happened prior to the character’s knowledge or what soon will occur in the book …

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