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The Need To Belong In The Lonely World of a Drifter

 In this post specifically, I would like to express my thoughts on the lack of identity for the family the novel focuses on and most importantly the narrator. In the horror novel, Mongrels, by Stephen Graham Jones, the nameless narrator goes throughout the story periodically jumping through and recounting his life with his werewolf family. …

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Never split the party

In one of the first scenes of Jordan Peele’s Get Out, Chris and Rose hit a deer on the way to Rose’s parents house. The scene is ultimately used as an excuse to have a racist cop interact with Chris and Rose, and also to set up the irony of Dean, Rose’s dad, getting killed by […]

The New Normal

“He possessed a strange faculty for the mandatory” (Whitehead 10)   In Colson Whitehead’s Zone One, the world has devolved into a zombie apocalypse, but it might be more accurate to say evolved. Human beings adapt. We change ourselves to best suite the world we live in. We have all seen these images before. The complaining […]

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