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When we think of monsters, the werewolf is not one that may seem as complex as other monsters. At first thought a werewolf is someone who is manly, hairy, wears flannels and jeans, and howls at the moon. Personally the werewolf is one of if not my favorite monster because of its sheer ferocity and […]

Capitalism: The Immoral Political-Economic System

Hello, again! Welcome back to my blog! Today, I want to discuss Colson Whitehead’s Zone One, through the first half of the “Saturday” section. Whitehead is a very intelligent and thought-provoking author, and he manages to squeeze a myriad of societal commentaries into each of his novels. However, today, I would like to analyze Whitehead’s commentary […]

Zone One- The Apocalypse

“She didn’t hear him, distracted by the evanescent currents of white flakes. ‘It looks like snow’”(Whitehead 231). Throughout Zone One, the ash that seems to fall from the sky and cover the streets plays a big role especially from Mark Spitz’s point of view. The ash is referred to in the beginning of the novel and it […]

The Great Leveler

“In the subway, down in the dark, no citizen was more significant or more decrepit than another” (Whitehead 267). Mark Spitz seems to be haunted by sameness– perhaps sparked by his perfectly mediocre, not-too-interesting and not-too-boring personality that renders him the most average person on earth, perhaps by his PASD which keeps him confused between […]

The Past is Past

Everyone’s past affects them in their own way. The past may frighten us, it may give us a smile, it might worry us or give us something to look forward to. It’s like karma, we do something or worry about what we did or if we should do it, and how it will affect us […]

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