Google Black Girls Now

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Before I start talking, take a look at this google search taken from the article “Google Search: Hyper-Visibility as a Means of Rendering Black Women and Girls Invisible”.

Using key words “Black girls,” google search provides these top choices.

Wow. I mean I’m shocked. I never had to do a google search like this, but you can just tell from this picture that Black women are sexualized and used as a marketing tactic by the porn industry. Do we blame the porn industry for being smart and tackling these fetishes of men who surf pornographic sites? They do their job well, but in turn, perpetuate the sexualized and objectified view of Black women on the web. Like the reading said, these views of Black women as “sexually insatiable and gratuitous,” are rooted in slavery and how masters took advantage of these women being considered property and therefore, could not be victims of rape.

Google has a large influence as they’re viewed as somewhat not needing to commercialize/market/advertise companies on their search queries. This leads to people believing that the top search results are popular and reflects everyone’s interests — which they may, I can’t agree or refute anything. This was my thinking. However, I do think these results reflect society at that time, but things have changed, and when you google “Black girls,” there are no sexualized results, but rather, are more empowering results. A great movement towards black girl positivity.

Posted from Digital 101 by Christy