Lab 6 (Black Mirror)

Almost every episode of the British television series Black Mirror deals with some aspect of contemporary technology relevant to DIG 101. The premise of this out-of-class lab is simple: watch an episode of Black Mirror and make connections to this class.

The details:

  1. Choose any episode from the first three seasons of Black Mirror (except for “The Entire History of You”). The series is on Netflix, which I trust you have access to.
  2. Watch it! Watching with friends in the class is fine. You’ll each write your own lab report.
  3. Connect the episode to at least one of our course readings, showing how the episode illustrates, extends, or challenges that reading.
  4. Use a single shot from the episode as a starting point. Include a screenshot of that scene at the beginning of your lab report. Spend some time analyzing that scene, just as we did in class.
  5. Write up the connections (and an analysis of those connections) in a 400-500 word Google Doc, shared with by Wednesday at 10am.