Lab #3

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Reaction GIF


Reaction GIFs are looped videos of an emotional response to something vague and therefor can be applied to various contexts. The most popular reaction GIFs exhibit some form of extreme emotion. The first image is a good example of a useful reaction GIF because it’s displaying a clear emotion, shock. This is juxtaposed by the second GIF because the woman in the GIF isn’t exhibiting any useful emotion that will likely be applied to an online context, therefor making it a counter GIF. The counter GIF fades in from a black screen, making viewers anticipate some form of emotion, but instead they are presented with a blank stare and fades back to black.


Sports GIF


Sports GIFs are about building up anticipation and seeing a heightened action follow. Sports GIFs usually take memorable sports moments and preserve them so that can be watched and rewatched. The above example shows Kyrie and DeAndre teaming up to complete a high energy duo-dunk. While the second example showcases Lebron seemingly going in for a dunk but then the scene gets cut off. The second GIF is a counter to sports GIFs because it does not showcase any memorable moment. We are lured in by what seems to be a great moment but are let down when the GIF restarts.


Fandom GIF



Fandom GIFs are representations of iconic moments in films and television. They are a single action that represents an entire scene, but most importantly they are meaningful scenes for fans.The first GIF is an iconic scene from the Harry Potter franchise with two main characters present in the scene. From the second-long clip you can tell what number movie in the franchise its from and what are the moments around that one action, leading up to the scene and following it. While in the second GIF you don’t see any of the protagonists and may not remember the events surrounding that particular moment. Without the tag saying that it is a scene from Harry Potter a fan may not even be able to pick that out, thus making it a counter fandom GIF.

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