The Final Reflective Post

Throughout the course and my trends of blog posts, I notice that I concentrate typically on smart technology and relate these 21st century trends (i.e. smart cars, smart phones, smart fiction technology in Black Mirror) to their unnoticed danger. It’s interesting to notice that I find technology to be one of the coolest things in society today, however it’s one of the most dangerous things we encounter from day to day life.  When rereading my blog posts, I write about how there’s no positive thing about these smart devices, and say nothing of the benefits each have. I kept up with this trend throughout the entire semester, and it’s interesting to take note that there were no variations in my posts, and every single one was concentrated on the terrifying dangers technology has.

When relating this online trend to everyday reality, the only thing I physically talk about when regarding technology is how incredibly amazing our creators and inventors are today.  One would never think I only advocate against technology and the creations made online on these blog posts. There was one quote by my blog post regarding Black Mirror’s “Be Right Back” episode that overall summarizes my thoughts and ideas when regarding to online blog posts. To revisit the post, this episode allows a woman who lost her husband in a texting-and-driving car crash to bring him back to life with technology; “Technology was the reason the husband died and simultaneously the only reason he was able to live again.” This is very powerful, as my entire take on technology reflects within this quote that I made a couple months back.

Overall, my blog posts have followed trends behind one another, and have opened my eyes to the severe dangers that the public isn’t aware of until they diver deeper into the subjects.  Society and innovators tend to turn a blind eye to the crucial creations that could end up causing more harm to us than good.

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