Code & Cheat Sheets

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What we can say about code is that it is predictable. It does exactly what we tell it to do.Code is relatively static; once you write code into something and produce it, it is there to stay. With this being said it allows users of programs to predict the performances of software. Specifically, the predictability of code and there program functions allows for gamers to write cheat sheets to games. because they know the scenarios that will arise, they can produce manuals that explain how to successfully get through them.

Most notably for me are the cheats associated with the Pokemon Go game. Gamers have “cracked the code” so that other users can get specific Pokemon and receive bonus points. For example, when first starting up the game, if you want to avoid receiving one of the basic initial Pokemon you can perform certain actions so that you are presented with a Pikachu.Similarly, you can do certain things so that your Eevee evolve into your desired Pokemon. By naming your Eevee certain names, you ensure that when you evolve it evolves into what you want it to.

There are entire sites dedicated to provided users with cheats to the code of Pokemon Go and I am sure a plethora of other games. In fact these sites are regularly updated so that as code changes and users get further in the games, they can maintain cheats. The predictability of games allows for gamers to anticipate actions and mass distribute cheat sheets because they are confident in how they will work because of how static the code behind the game is. Code does what it is told and gamers use this to their advantage when developing cheats to games.


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