Machine Learns Death

We have discussed the idea of death and its many interpretations through the lense of today and technology. I would like to discuss a machine learning algorithm that can predict our premature death (

This algorithm was originally designed to help predict premature deaths to help with preventative healthcare in the future.  They used a model called “random forest” with “deep learning” trained on health data from over 500,000 people between the ages of 40 and 69.  The resulting model was able to predict red flags of serious diseases better than expert models and regressions. As these models can also be further “tuned” with more data, the accuracy of predictions can improve and increase in reliability.  Researchers believe that AI models like these will play essential parts within the treatment of individuals due to their manner of personalized treatment based on the lifestyle choices of the individual. This brings forth images of visits to the doctor including a questionnaire on one’s current eating and exercise habits to further add data points to their models for future predictions.  A somewhat constant exposure to the idea of death just slowly pushing it back through the model with a healthy diet and rigorou exercise.

It is interesting to see how predictors of serious and fatal diseases can be modeled and used to our advantage using the technology of today.  This technology can only improve and more sophisticated algorithms can spring forth in the future. It is strange and somewhat empowering to have gained another avenue in life through technology that can ward off the eventuality of our demise.