Reflective Post: Devil’s in the Details

In three of my five blog posts, I focused on specific aspects of either the piece itself or something that the reading reminded me of. Even in my two more vague, broad-view posts, I had something specific in mind. For instance, in my post on “Rethinking Repair,” I was thinking of the YouTuber Louis Rossman, who went viral for the rants against Apple that prefaced his home computer repair videos, and in my post on grief trolls and the separation between a person and their social media profiles, I was thinking of the distance between my own personality and my Instagram persona. I tend to think and focus on the details because they offer a way for me to understand the larger concept without getting confused or bogged down by the massive amount of information I feel is connected to the big picture. Each blog post was almost as much a Sightings post as it was related to the specific readings.

I think the reason that I did stop referencing the specific events near the end of the class can be attributed to how I was synthesizing concepts from earlier but didn’t want to go ridiculously far over the word limit to cover everything I was thinking of. If I were to go back, I think I would more directly reference the themes and concepts I was considering and also work them more thoroughly into the first few blog posts, which were very detail-oriented and less concept-based. I would still reference examples, but I would discuss more of the overall relevance of the examples and what they add to the discussion as a whole.

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