TIM Sighting

Recently I came across this article which announces the release of a new Avicii album. Avicii, an EDM musician and DJ who passed away after a battle with mental health problems. The interesting part about this new album is the fact that the songs are being put together and released posthumously. While the songs were nearly finished, the record company used emails and notes that he had written to try and create an album that would be as close to what he would have wanted as possible. This reminded me of several different themes we have discussed in class.

The photo of Avicii that went along with the  album announcement.

The main theme that jumped out at me was celebrity death and the afterlife. We spoke about making money off of dead celebrities and “resurrecting the dead” in ways such as having shows preformed by holograms. A lot of the discussion on those topics showed the negative side, such as problematic celeb tries still earning money and notoriety after they are dead. I feel as if this “resurrection” of Avicii will showcase the more positive side. All the proceeds of this album will go to The Tim Bergling Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps prevent mental illness and suicide. Avicii was not a notably problematic celebrity and all this album brings is help to those who need it and with this album Avicii’s legacy will continue to evolve even after his death.

This article also made me think of our reading “Dial-a-Ghost on Thomas Edison’s Least Successful Invention: the Spirit Phone”, and how Avicii’s songs (along with the notes and emails) could almost be seen as the physical remains of his personality. It creates a feeling of being able to communicate with the deceased even though they are not there.



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