Final Reflective Post

Well here we are at the end of all things.

As I read through my posts I noticed more than anything that I am very critical and skeptical of everything that we have read. My posts question the legitimacy of statements and or character shifts authors make in their characters. I seem to look to critique the pieces rather than synthesize them. My posts often lead me to question aspects of the reading or my own analysis. This need to question may stem from the fact that I am quite critical of movies and books when I watch/read them. Rarely do I dole out praise for things without following up with a but, or except. Another random thing I noticed is that I also use the line or lines similar to, “left me to question,” a lot.

I do seem to focus heavily on perspective as well. I try to figure out why characters or readers feel certain ways about events. In my second post I write pretty exclusively about perspective. In my first post I also seem to focus on why Mary’s parents behaved the way they did. I try to name counter examples to possible rationals and really seem to dig myself into the motivation behind the pieces. Even in my last post I try to refute the general argument that is made about waste. I felt as though the authors perspective limited the importance of creativity. Though now I don’t stand strongly by this argument I find it interesting that I felt the need to make an argument out of the post. Perhaps that’s just my writing style or personality.

I didn’t see a huge shift in my strategy for analysis over the past 15 weeks. I seem to keep a similar voice and technique. I think this is really just the style I write in when writing non-hyper academic pieces. I like to use a conversational voice. That voice appeared in my papers as well. In my opinion it’s a far more entertaining way to write and read because it sounds real.

In conclusion, I am really surprised at how critical I am about all the pieces. Hopefully that isn’t how I sound in class and in life outside class! I am not a negative guy I suppose I just like to question things and my history background has turned me into more of a skeptic than a believer. I really did enjoy the readings I must just default to critiques subconsciously when I read.

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