Reflection Road

Reading through all of my posts, I noticed that I tend to follow a certain pattern. I usually start with how an episode, chapter or article made me feel personally and then immediately connect it to one of the readings. I then give my own personal predictions and thoughts on the subject. I also usually have a witty title that uses alliteration or is a play on another title from something well-known like a movie. I do love alliteration and I’ve seen a lot of movies so I guess it makes sense that it influenced my title choices.

I also noticed that I’m really hard on humanity. A lot of my summaries highlight the shortcomings of human beings and my thouhgts on what will become of humanity is usually bleak or negative. Either the humans are the ones who caused their own misfortune, or they’re untrustworthy or they’re obssessed. I don’t think all humans are bad or anything, I just tend to focus on the negatives rather than the positives in this context I think because the core topic for all of these posts is death. Death doesn’t necessarily have to be negative but it is not usually a pleasant topic so I think that influenced my analysis.

I usually keep my posts relatively short and sweet unless it’s a topic I feel really strongly about. Like the characters on Dead Set, the exploitation of artists like XXXTentacion and the coldness of code. I had a personal connection to these topics. I really liked the Dead set series, I’m a rapper myself and don’t want to be exploited by a label and I took computer science and know firsthand how cold and cruel code can be. Overall, I think these were some good blog posts but I’m biased of course.

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