Reflecting Back on Fifteen Weeks of Growth

After rereading all of my posts from this semester, I noticed a several themes as well as a few trends and themes that changed and developed as the semester progressed. First off, I noticed the broad theme or pattern in my posts where I attempted to write about things that I noticed from my life and how they relate to the day’s readings or assignments. While this was not prevalent in my first and second post, probably because I wanted to make sure I wrote enough about that day’s assignment, my third post included a reference to an event that I followed this past summer and how it related to the grief troll trend. My fourth post included a reference to two recent celebrity deaths that I was able to connect to our readings and class discussion that we had during the previous class. Lastly, my final post linked a trip that I took while abroad last year to a theme explored in that day’s assigned readings. Overall, I would say that they nature of my posts have changed in the past fifteen weeks by becoming more broad and far-reaching about the topics I cover and how much I have branched out from the days assigned readings/movies/shows. I think that this is a positive change as I have been able to make what we are studying in class more applicable to my real life observations.

Another theme that stood out to me and surprised me was how different my blog post writing is from other academic work that I have completed during my four years at Davidson. I believe that I fully embraced the blogging spirit and treated it as a blog rather than an analytical paper, presentation, or report that I complete for my other classes. I think this type of platform has still allowed me to analyze our class readings, however, we are given the freedom and flexibility to do it in a way that allows us to connect with the text that enables us to lean best.

Ultimately, I was surprised with my creativity in this class. I was not expecting to be so engaged and excited about the readings or to enjoy the material I was writing about for the four assignments. I really have appreciated this blogging platform and the structure of the class and the assignments as a whole, and think that they have pushed me both creatively and academically. I also appreciate how blogging was able to extend the 50 minutes of class, and give us time and space to explore what we are learning in our own individual ways. If I wasn’t graduating in three weeks, I would have loved to take a similar class to this one.

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