Final Reflective Post

At first glance, my posts from across the semster don’t appear very connected, but after digging deeper I’ve noticed two broad themes that have been pervasive in my responses. In my first post, I discussed the notion of liminality in regards to A House Full of Ghosts, writing, “Tremblay could be implicitly arguing that we will always exist in a liminal state, firmly rooted in the not-knowingness of the digital/reality-tv/globalized age.” Grey areas and the idea of ‘in-betweenness’ is fascinating to me, and a few of my other posts demonstrate the influence this fascination has had on my thought-process. Most strikingly, this interest has manifested itself twice in discussions of hypermediacy, once as the main focus of my Comparitive Horror Analysis, and once in my second blog post on the video game Outlast. In these two examples, I’m concerned with how hypermediative video game mechanics create a feeling of liminality, wherein players feel at once both inside and outside the game. I’ve really enjoyed exploring this topic, and might even try to incorporate further analysis and examples into my final project.

Another theme that has cropped up a couple of times is my questioning of the future or evolution of certain phenomenon we’ve studied. Whereas in earlier blog posts I was eager to find “sightings” to further prove points or explore further, later in the semester I began writing more speculatively, asking several questions about what the future might have in store. In a comment I made on one of Sidney’s posts, I considered the future of trolling, asking, “With tech becoming increasingly advanced (and accesible), I wonder what new kinds of “trolls” are on the horizon. Could there be A.I. trolls in the near future?” In another post, I hypothesize a much more positive future where there is a revival of “fixing” and a new impotus for companies to democratize repair.

If I could redo the semester, I would have liked to engage much more with and comment on other posts from other groups, although with our posting schedule being spread so far out, remembering to check the class blog was difficult.

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