Fun, Play, and Games (Weeks 1-2)

This section of the course offers an overview of some key concepts in videogame studies, such as “play,” “game”, and “narrative.”

Wednesday, January 17 (Week 1)

  • Introductions
  • What is fun? What is play? What are games? What are videogames?

Friday, January 19

  • Roger Caillois, selections from Man, Play, and Games (1958)
  • Download, install, and begin playing Portal (Available on Steam for $9.99 for Macs and PCs)

Monday, January 22 (Week 2)

  • David Thomas, “Fun” from Debugging Game History (2016), pp. 143-149
  • Jesper Juul, “Playing” from Debugging Game History (2016), pp. 351-358
  • Mary Flanagan, “Games as a Medium” from Debugging Game History (2016), pp. 221-228
  • Introduction to the Game Logs

Wednesday, January 24

Friday, January 26

Header: Derek Bruff, Potential Energy (2012) via Flickr / BY-NC Creative Commons License