Luke Gray


The virtual reality gameIn Deathis my game of choice which has brought me hours of joy and entertainment, but was I putting myself in harms way during this time?  One of the main concerns that gets coupled with virtual reality games is the safety of the player. When you play with a virtual reality game system, your vision, and sometimes your hearing, is completely immersed in the environment of the game that you are playing and not on your actual environment.  Throughout the world, people have hurt themselves from hitting spinning ceiling fans, kicking or running into furniture, and/or hurting others around you like small kids and family pets. Clearing your gaming space is a key preventative step in order to prevent injury.

Your eyes are also at risk when you continuously play virtual reality systems.  University of California, Berkeley optometry professor Martin Brooks was quoted during an interview by CNN about the visual health effects caused by virtual reality goggles.  “One [effect] is how we affect the growth of the eye, which can lead to myopia or nearsightedness.” (Brooks). Not only is Dr. Brooks lead to believe that virtual reality causes nearsightedness, but also eye fatigue and eye strain.  He recommends, as well as the virtual reality company Oculus, that for every 30 minutes or so, you should take a 5 minute break to rest your eyes and brain.

The last and most common negative health side effect that playing virtual reality can induce is motion sickness.  I have experienced this first hand with the first couple rounds playingIn Death.  The immersive experience that virtual reality offers, and paired with a quality made game, will take you aback and cause a whirlwind of emotions.  This whirlwind feeling will cause some motion sickness.

Overall, if you take some preventative steps and follow guidelines discussed above, you will have an enjoyable and safe time playing with virtual reality.

(Representation of clearing your play space)

Source: Luke Gray