4 Fallout Myths

Lawrence King

Digital Narratives


April 6, 2018

After doing some research I learned some weird things about Fallout 4. I discovered myths that surround the game. There are multiple mythical locations, creatures, and people in the game. I’m going to talk about four of the myths. Two locations and two creatures.

The first location is Fairline Hill Estates. Fairline consists of six buildings in a cul-de-sac. If you bring someone with you, they will usually mention that they feel uncomfortable and want to leave. If you bring a man named, Preston Garvey to the estate, he mentions that it used to be a Minuteman settlement. There are also a couple of clues that help you to figure out what happened to the settlement.

The second location is Red Death Island. It is located in the south-west sea of the Far Harbor add-on map. When you travel to the island, however, no map marker will appear, even if you go during the quest, ”The Great Hunt”.  Apparently, the island is the location of the ominous Red Death. The island is quite small and is usually quite well hidden by Far Harbor’s fog.

The first creature is The Red Death. It’s a creature said to haunt the fog of Far Harbor. It is located on Red Death Island. The Red Death was feared for many years by the fisherman of The Island, many claiming that the red light frequently spotted during long periods of fog were from the creature as it killed many people. Once the fog rolled into the harbor, all fisherman would stop what they were doing and get away from the sea. However, despite all the rumors and “sightings”, it was discovered that the Red Death is actually a very small, completely docile creature with glowing red eyes whose shine pierces the fog and lures curious captains to their doom.

The second creature and final myth is the Mother of the Fog. The Mother is a sacred spirit worshiped by members of the Children of Atom, as they believe her to be a saint of their god, Atom. She is a dark, ghostly figured shrouded in black smoke. Many players claim to have seen her appear then disappear in various locations in the fog of Far Harbor. Fallout 4 is such a large and expansive game that it’s not surprising if you see some weird things. They make the game more interesting in my opinion.


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Source: 4 Fallout Myths