Lawrence King

Digital Narratives


March 2, 2018

In this game log, I want to focus on the audio of GTA V. I’m going to talk about how the sound of GTA V affects the game. I’ll focus on the diegetic sounds of the game. I’ll also talk about the effect the audio had on me personally while playing the game during my session.

GTA V has a lot of audio. It’s a free-world game and there’s an entire city full of people and they all have something to say. When I’m walking the streets, I hear people talking about their problems and casual topics. I can hear the cars passing, the waves of the water and the animals. When I’m driving, I have the option to choose from multiple radio stations. I can play music from multiple genres like hip-hop, rock, and Spanish music. There’s even one station that is hosted by real-life comedian and actor JB Smoove. He’s mostly known for his recurring role in “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” starring Larry David.

In addition to music, there’s also the sounds of the weapons. The gunshots are clear and authentic, the roar of a car’s engine, the explosion from a rocket-launcher, etc. All of the sounds make the GTA world more realistic and believable. These sounds are sounds that you hear in real life and so you expect to hear them in this kind of game otherwise the immersion spell is broken, and you believe the game’s story a little less.

The audio in this game did have an effect on me. Hearing the popular music from today made me happy and set the mood for me. Listening to some of my favorite comedians, like JB Smoove, speak on the radio made me laugh. Listening to the slang of some of the characters made me feel like I was in my old neighborhood. The sounds from the weapons made me focus more on the game and the environment and put me in survival mode. Without the audio, GTA V would not be as immersive or realistic. It’s an important aspect of the game that would drastically affect the game’s popularity and appeal if it wasn’t included.

Source: GT-Audio