Cultural Artifact Analysis

Three of our goals for DIG 340 are the following:

  • Critique representations of women and technology using historical and social evidence
  • Analyze gendered associations of various forms of technologies
  • Evaluate assumptions about disability, race, class, gender, sexual orientation and identification embedded in social media platforms and algorithms

To this end, you will offer up an analysis of a cultural artifact that somehow intersects with the theories, histories, and examples we cover in class. What counts as a “cultural artifact”? Some possibilities include:

  • Television shows, movies, YouTube videos
  • Novels, fiction, drama, and performances
  • Advertisements,
  • Songs, music videos
  • Videogames, apps, and digital platforms


  • Timed 5 minutes presentation
  • At least 10 slides
  • No more than 3 words per slide

The cultural artifact presentations will start on March 28 and continue through April.


  1. Theme (how well your artifact addresses themes of gender and technology)
  2. Craft (your attention to design and delivery)
  3. Argument (the case you make for why understanding your artifact matters)
  4. Analysis (the depth of analysis of your artifact and how well you execute your argument)
  5. Unexpectedness (how much your argument is unexpected or surprising)