Super Casual Bros

I have been playing Super Mario Strikers for the Nintendo Gamecube and it is a good example of what a casual game plays like according to Jesper Juul. While it does fall under the category of agon and can be very competitive, it does fit into all five categories set out by Juul. To begin, the cover of the game is a picture of Mario and Donkey Kong playing a pretty fierce game of soccer. These two characters are well known throughout Nintendo and while they do look intense, knowing that it is a Mario game lets the player know that it will be a pleasant game. If you have had any experience with a GameCube controller, the controls of the game will come easily. The game has two or three important buttons for beginners but once the player gets a hang of the game can use all the buttons on the controller to perfect their playing style. Each match can be set to different settings, but the standard time limit is five minutes. The game can also be paused any time and played later so it has a high level of interuptibility. Losing the game to your opponent is the biggest punishment the game has. While playing the game, if you do something illegal, the player gets a classic Mario shell to throw around which is also a small punishment. In general, since the matches are so short, there is a very low level of punishment for the player. Lastly Super Mario Strikers has a high level of juiciness. If the player does something well within the match, like get a shot on target, the player is rewarded with a Mario shell to throw which provides very quick feedback. When a goal is scored a dramatic replay is shown and when players perform their special shot a cool cut scene is played. I would say I am a casual gamer and this game fits my style perfectly so that I can play a short game in-between class or play a couple games at night with a friend.

This shows Yoshi during a super strike. The green fire and stars show the juiciness of the game.


Source: Super Casual Bros