The Art of Comprehensive Speed Reading

In an ever growing age of technology, information spreads faster, texts are more concise, and attention spans are shortened. People no longer have time to get bogged down in lengthy news articles to keep up with what is going on in the world, and with sms messaging becoming more prevalent, people are reading faster and finding creative ways to shorten text. Some have taken that concept to an extreme, as in the case of Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries’ “Dakota.”

an example of one of messages that is very quickly and intensely flashed onto the computer screen in the work, Dakota.

This work tests the limits of electronic literature as it utilizes java to present a trivial story in a fantastic way. The dialogue is incredibly fast-paced and the music that plays along with it makes the experience feel so much more interesting. This work forces the reader to experience the text at a force-fed rate, while at the same time trying to develop some deeper meaning from it. The actual data of the sound effects is important here as well. The sound helps the reader to understand the significance of each word flashed upon the screen. The countdown at the beginning is also key as it gives you a sense of the storm that is to come, and the constantly increasing tempo of the music helps the reader understand the urgency of the reading.

This skill of speed reading also pertains the work, “Star Wars One Letter at a Time”, created by Brian Kim Stefans. This work takes a popular franchise and makes it almost grueling to experience by relaying the script just one letter at a time. This further shows that electronic literature is of its own nature, and it can completely change the way we look at past works as well as mold our future creations.


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