The Bookish

What, really, are books? What’s the relationship between books and technology? How does art and literature in digital forms challenge the conventions of print?

Monday, August 21 (Week 1)

  • The Great American Eclipse!  🌞🌘🌚
  • Introduction to the syllabus, schedule, and enduring concepts

Wednesday, August 23

Monday, August 28 (Week 2)

Wednesday, August 30

  • Ice-Bound
  • Marie-Laure Ryan, “The Many Forms of Interactivity” from Narrative as Virtual Reality 2: Revisiting Immersion and Interactivity in Literature and Electronic Media (2015)
  • Tracery Combinatory Project handed out
  • Blog (Round 1): Group B

The Random

What’s the history of randomness in art and literature? How does randomness upset our notions of originality and authorship?

Monday, September 4 (Week 3)

Wednesday, September 6

The Automatic

What happens when literature is like a film, unspooling in front of us, beyond our control?

Monday, September 11 (Week 4)

Wednesday, September 13

Monday, September 18 (Week 5)

Wednesday, September 20

The Uncanny

How are our media haunted?

Monday, September 25 (Week 6)

Wednesday, September 27

Monday, October 2 (Week 7)

The Sublime

Literature has traditionally been bound in books, but what happens when digital forms enable works too massive, too awesome to behold?

Wednesday, October 4

Friday, October 6

  • Let’s Play script/outline due

Monday, October 9 (Week 8)

  • Fall Break – No Class

 The Database

The database is a special category of the technological sublime, allowing writers and artists to create data-based stories

Wednesday, October 11

Sunday, October 15

  • Let’s Play Project due by midnight

Monday, October 16 (Week 9)

The Procedural

What are the procedures for moving through stories?

Wednesday, October 18

Monday, October 23 (Week 10)

Wednesday, October 25

  • Sam Barlow, Her Story(2015)
  • Blog (Round 6): Group B

The Dysfunctional

What’s the role of the broken, the glitched, and the ruined in digital narrative?

Monday, October 30 (Week 11)

Wednesday, November 1

The Embodied

Gestures, touch, movement—how do our bodies contribute to digital narrative?

Monday, November 6 (Week 12)

  • Draft of Electronic Literature Directory project due

Wednesday, November 8

  • Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse, Between Page and Screen (2012)
  • Blog (Round 7): Group B

Monday, November 13 (Week 13)

  • Danny Cannizzaro and Samantha Gorman, Pry (2014)
  • Blog (Round 7): Group C

Wednesday, November 15

The Port

What does it mean to translate a work of digital literature from one form to another? What changes? What remains? What’s lost?

Monday, November 20 – Wednesday, November 22 (Week 14)

  • Electronic Literature Directory Project due

Monday, November 27 (Week 15)

  • Final Port project plan due
  • Workshopping Final Project

Wednesday, November 29

  • MVP due
  • Workshopping Final Project

Monday, December 4 (Week 16)

  • Work on Final Projects

Wednesday, December 6

  • Present Final Projects at Digital Project Showcase