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Eyeborg – A Cyborg Artist

I came across an interesting article in a magazine over spring break. This article was about a man who was able to hear color instead of seeing color.       The man, Neil Harbisson,was born completely color blind — so he could only see the world in black and white. However, through the attachment of an antennae that protrudes… Read more →

Wearable Technology

Technology and new computer innovations are being introduced into modern society and everyday communities as they become commonplace objects and things that you will see and use everyday.  There is a demand for the speedy and shiny new technology from each person in the community, yet the Susan Ryan article demonstrates how quickly companies jump to genders these products.  Advertisements… Read more →

The World v.s. The Internet

The world we live in does not treat men and women equally but should we expect the internet to? The internet is one of the few platforms for expression and discussion where money nor identity can give you an upper hand. I say this with the focus on user based platforms not advertising or for profit sites. Anyone can comment… Read more →

Performing Gender Online

The selfie and sexting phenomenons have brought into question so many issues of body ownership.  The idea that a person whose pictures are shared can be prosecuted for child pornography strips the people of ownership of their own person, a troubling notion.  Hasinoff cites victim-shaming and the perception of female sexuality as deviant as the main challenges of women using… Read more →

Modern Modeling

Modern Modeling In the past, women have been seen in the private sphere. Now women have gotten to the point where they are also in the public sphere. For example, modeling is a socially activity, where women model off bikinis and other stylist clothes and it’s just become something accepted by society. This acceptance has propelled women into… Read more →

Just a Dream

.entry-header Does a dream invalidate truth? What makes it any less valid? If identity, “wholeness”, and belonging are the main themes of the story, then why does the investigation of those things happening in the dream state have less value when the dream is a projection of the subconscious? Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein had its beginning in a dream, which later became a… Read more →

Are You Kidding Me?

Patchwork Girl was probably the most frustrating thing I’ve ever read. It was confusing for many reasons, the main one being the fact that it was non-linear. There was no way to know if you read all of it and if you did manage to read all of it, your interpretation of it was completely different from the next person’s.… Read more →

Blog Post 3- Patchwork World

Today’s discussion of the Patchwork Girl by Shelley Jackson got me thinking about how I am my own “patchwork.” Although I am not physically stitched together, I have been pieced together by the genetics of my parents and their respective families. In the everyday world we hear people say, “you like exactly like your uncle” or “you have your mothers eyes”… Read more →

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