Gone Home

Playing through the game, while trying to operate the game and solve the clues, I was trying to pick up on the parts of the game that included gender stereotypes or implications.  I found it interesting, however, that the game may have been trying to break down some of the traditional relationship stereotypes.  For example, Sam is discussing her relationship with this girl Lonnie, and how she hasn’t really had many close relationships with guys (she only liked Daniel because of their Nintendo play dates).  Is there a possible romantic relationship between her and Lonnie or am I just reading too much into it?  Other than that, the writing of letters may be the only “feminine” pieces that fit the part in this game so far, the mother writes little letters about her love life to her friend Carol.  Much of the rest of the game is fairly neutral and mostly dark, so could possibly be the reason the clues are less detectable.

Source: Gone Home

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