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Think Aloud Reflection

Going back and listening to this Think Aloud, made me feel pretty narcissistic, laughing and agreeing with most things I said that I forgot about. The best part about this was that you can actually hear your own first reactions to a possibly over-extract piece of media whether, I don’t think this would’ve been “good” […] Read more →

Library of Babel, Re-Imagined

To narcissistically quote myself from my pecha kucha: “it seems everything in this class comes back to Borges”, I can back that statement up with how a Borges short story fits in with our recent looks at Interactive Fiction. In some thread on 4chan someone shared this link (probably the creator to get some donation […] Read more →

@everyword then and now

So I used to write really bad essays and music reviews on a really bad website that will not be mentioned here, what with the focus on bots, especially the constant reference to @everyword, I remember about 2 years ago writing about the “Rise, End and Rebirth” of this beloved bot of mine. With @everyword […] Read more →

Uncanny Valley| Twitter Bots|Buffy

We brought up the frequently design-oriented idea of Uncanny Valley, a concept that shows human dis/comfort along an axis of anthropomorphic-ness, and that after a certain point of humanness we tend to get freaked out until things get full out human again. Here’s a model to PROVE it:    In terms of internet poetry, it […] Read more →

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