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Beware of the Half-Truth

An article titled “Where the Internet Lives: Data Centers as Cloud Infrastructure” begins with a description of Google’s headline for released images of their data centers. The pictures showcased “slick, artful images of buildings, wires, pipes, servers, and dedicated workers,” with the headline “Transparency” (71). The set-up sounds exactly like what it is- an advertisement,… Read more about Beware of the Half-Truth

The Truth about Transparency and What to do Next

With the rise of the technology companies to become some of the most powerful institutions on Earth, the call for transparency has become louder and louder. Transparency in labor practices seems to be a key component of activists’ demands for all companies. In order to appear more worker-friendly and environmentally-conscious, the technology companies have elected …

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Cloud Computing and Manufactured Consent

Today, I had my Anarchism and the State philosophy seminar, and we took the time to discuss a concept coined by Noam Chomsky called, “Manufactured Consent.” This is, put simply, the idea that a state (particularly, the US) is set up such that it constantly works to keep its citizens uninformed and content, for the […]

Data Centers: What are they hiding and why do we care?

For this weeks blog, I want to discuss the secrecy and carbon footprint of data centers. A point that I found reoccurring and very interesting was the idea that all companies, despite providing pictures or videos of their data centers, will never be completely transparent with the public. For instance, the authors note Google and …

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Productivity Increases at the Cost of… the Producers?

         FANUC industrial robots assemble cars at Audi’s primary Hungarian plant. The robots assist with the plant’s annual production of over 2 million engines. [1]           An issue of particular interest and concern to college students is the pending penetration of more automated systems into the workforce. As …

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