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Boss Bias

I am becoming increasingly frustrated and concerned with the number of subtle references to women and societal bias being incorporated in technology. Of course, I don’t blame the physical technology, as its only reflecting the current culture and the time the creators are living in- however its affect far surpasses that realm. Artwork, for example, can […]

Blogging Synthesis

At the beginning my blog-posts were related more to what we were studying in class, but as time past my blog-post became more about what I experience in the world of technology and how it affects our decisions and interactions with a life online. For example my first blog-post was about how our usage of technology […]

The Monster Behind the Screen

Trolls, most of know how to spot a troll, however some people are just blind to the idea that there are people out there that just like to piss you off. Sometimes trolls can be funny, but most of the time they’re just obnoxious and clutter up an individual’s comment section. The individual that is […]

Blogging Synthesis: My Takeaways and Reconciliations

The prevailing theme throughout Henry’s Take is indisputably the corporate implications of advanced technology. As early as August, concerns about the replacement risk surfaced in the blog; in the final day of classes, I brought this up to the group. Unsurprisingly, it continuously rests in the back of my mind and may influence my perspective …

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Blogging Synthesis

When I read over all of my Intro to Digital Studies blog posts from the semester what I first noticed is that in each post I chose to write about the negative parts of technology such as addiction to technology in my first post or the development of co…

Blog Synthesis

I usually write about existential threats to society and human nature in my blog posts. In my first post on data centers, I wrote that the “level of impact [of data centers] is consolidated in the hands of a few major providers, which could lead to a highly concentrated and consolidated market that is unresponsive […]


After rereading my blog posts from this semester, I saw a pretty apparent shift in the way in which I engaged with our class’ content each week. My first two blog posts seem more analytical, and examine themes in Feed from demand and consumption to human connection and disenchantment. My later three blog posts are […]

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