Blogging Synthesis

At the beginning my blog-posts were related more to what we were studying in class, but as time past my blog-post became more about what I experience in the world of technology and how it affects our decisions and interactions with a life online. For example my first blog-post was about how our usage of technology has on our psychological state of mind. Specifically in relation to FEED, our bodies and our mind become accustomed to the use of technology and when we are unable to use this technology then we feel and think a different way. Another theme that I looked at is how we personally deal with the life that we live online. The troll blog is probably the best example for looking at how to deal with negative individuals that are only looking to get a negative reaction out you. Trolling is mean, but trying to insult someone that is insulting you for no reason is pointless because that is what they are looking for. The best thing you can do is just ignore them or allow your followers/friends deal with them. That at least gives them a new target to go after. 

The one thing I did notice though was that as my blog-post became more personal, the more I enjoyed completing them. This could be a reflection of why we engage with a life online. The more personal it got for me, the more fun and entertaining it was to actually complete the blogs. By far my favorite blog-post to write was my experience with an Illuminati operative who was trying to recruit me to join the secretive organization. I just found the whole experience to be comical and relatively thought provoking. It was comical because the conversation I had on Instagram was so absurd. So absurd that I had to continue it further. The result of that was the Grandmaster of the Illuminati requiring me to treat him with respect and call him FATHER. I know strange right, but the conversation always lead back to the individual asking me to pay the fees for the orientation and initiation to join. I originally had a feeling that this was a scam but I wanted to see how far I could take it before I just gave up because it always lead back to me giving them money. Overall, I learned that nobody is who they say they are online and that technology alters how we interact and experience people, places, and things.  

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