The Monster Behind the Screen

Trolls, most of know how to spot a troll, however some people are just blind to the idea that there are people out there that just like to piss you off. Sometimes trolls can be funny, but most of the time they’re just obnoxious and clutter up an individual’s comment section. The individual that is trolling you, thrives on the fact that they are anonymous and you can’t name who they are. However, if you do find out who it is; then what is the best action to take? Do you release their name to the public, or do you deal with it in private? Most people would say “Leak their name for the whole world to see”, but is that the most mature way to deal with this situation. If you know who the person is, then you can warn them that if they continue to harass you, then you will release their name to the public. This could be done through a private message, or even an email. There is no reason for you to act like the Danes from the South Park episode about trolling. A brief description of the result was that a lot of people were hurt because their private information was released to the public. One guy was even set on fire.  

The guy in the yellow shirt and bow tie was set on fire

Now the idea of setting your troll on fire may be entertaining in your imagination but it is never okay to do it in real life. The moral of the story is that naming your troll to the public may be satisfying to you but this can cause great harm to the troll if you do it on a public platform. By naming the troll on a public platform you are essentially setting them on fire because once people know who they are, then they are able to look up where they may live and actually go and harm them. The best option is to either ignore them or just kill them with kindness because the troll is only looking for a reaction. 

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