Blogging Synthesis

One common theme across my blog posts is a sense of confusion. Since being in Digital Studies 101 the world of the internet and technology have seemed to confuse even more. The capabilities, but more concerningly the issues surrounding technology have opened my eyes to all that is really happening. I have seen that even though I know that social media, Facebook, Youtube, etc isĀ evading my privacy and doing things that I don’t agree with, I still continue to use them. In my blog posts, I tend to be very critical of technology as it pertains directly to humans. I was less harsh on the algorithms because it is more indirectly related to humans, but the breach of privacy, ads, conspiracy theories, and other issues that affect the human experience more directly I am more skeptical of.

I also would argue that there is not one common trend or theme for all of my blog posts. When I was writing them they were just the first emotions that I had about the topic along with additional research that I had done. Since I don’t have the same general feelings towards all of the technology or things on the internet, it would be hard to have one common theme. I think that there is a sense of skepticism of issues in technology as well as the benefits. Throughout my blog posts, I do not seem to fall on one side or the other if something is good or bad.

I try to give a lot of applications and real-world considerations, which is easy because technology is so rooted in everyday life, it is hard to separate from the real world. I think that my blog posts have shown examples and situations that represent the issue at hand. I have learned a lot through these blogĀ posts and having to dig deeper into the topic.


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