What the heck is QAnon

As someone who has not even heard of QAnon before doing readings for class, the idea seems beyond far-fetched. I don’t understand the need to connect all important events that have happened to each other. I think that as individuals, there should be some semblance of just allowing events to happen. In “The #QAnon ‘Map’ Examined” article by Mike Rothschild, he talks about how events connected to each other it makes “us feel saner to see things as connected, rather than random occurrences that could happen to anyone”. But I am not necessarily sure that saner is the right word. Perhaps it could make people feel safer so that they do not face every day with the fear that they will be assassinated in the same way as JFK. But I think by creating the #QAnon map, it makes the whole situation more insane. People now have to worry about not only random incidents that could happen to them but also larger corruptions through the government and countries.

Since I was not previously exposed to the QAnon map, it is far too complicated to understand from reading a few articles. And I do believe that it plays into the idea of making money off of an idea. I think that it is nearly impossible for something to gain so much traction and for the leaders to not think in some sort of monetary way. If this is just a business model and a way for someone to make some cash and profit off of some anxious people who are doubtful about the government, then so be it. But if it is something bigger, then I don’t buy it at all.

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