A Convenient Detriment

In Feed by MT Anderson, there are an overwhelming amount of distractions that originate from the feed. Whether it is the constant advertisements or the new fashion trends or current events, it barely leaves time for interactions in the real world. This is apparent during many scenes of the book and one I noticed frequently was that Titus would repeatedly not do his homework, which doesn’t seem that useful anyways, and just watch the feed for hours. Another critical event that showed the effect of the feed was how Titus treated Violet after he learned that she was extremely damaged. The Feed allowed Titus to completely ignore the desperate calls for friendship and support made by Violet over the span of a few weeks. He even went as far as to delete the hours of memories that she gave him to hold on to, so she could she her own memories once she forgot everything. Essentially, he disappeared from her life without having to put in much effort. He even went as far as to start dating someone else without even telling her or without any second thoughts about the morality of what he’s doing.

These events show the mindset of the entire consumer driven world. People stop caring when something becomes useless or not pleasing to them, and to make matters worse there is no accountability for their actions. Violet has no way to reach Titus when her condition worsens, besides for the feed and because of the control Titus has over his feed, he doesn’t have entertain any of the unpleasing messages sent his way. In today’s world one can use a telephone to a similar effect. One can easily ignore or avoid unpleasant content, if it’s coming from another person, which breeds a lack of accountability and responsibility that doesn’t exist on the same extreme level as it does in Feed, but definitely can be found in the world today. This picture below shows the numerous distractions from technology that we face today. I cannot imagine having all of this and more, permanently in my head. It is obvious the distraction it provides, which can be detrimental to real world actions and relationships.



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