Jumping for jewels

In my casual game post I have chosen to write about the game Bejeweled. Bejeweled is a tile match puzzle game, originally released by the company PopCap in 2001 for PCs, however since then it has undergone numerous ports to other devices and several re-releases. The version I am playing is the app titled Bejeweled Classic and contains several game modes. For this blog post however, I played only the classic game mode, of which the objective is to switch the position of two adjacent gems in efforts to create a line of 3 or 4 of the same gems. Doing this leads to that row/column of gems disappearing and being replaced by the gems above them with new gems falling in from the top. This continues until you have a score high enough to move on to another level (where the gems are shuffled) or until you can no longer create new matches. The controls for the game are fairly intuitive, requiring the player to only tap on the two adjacent gems they would like to switch, allowing the basics of the controls to be learned in under a minute. A large portion of success in this game is dependent on chance given how the original alignment of the gems, as well as the order in which they fall out of the sky is entirely random. However, despite the element of luck there is a certain nuance in recognizing patterns that can lead to combos or certain power-ups by achieving certain arrangements of gems. Bejeweled is a fairly simple game which is easy to learn and can be an excellent time-killer, as I have learned in the hour and a half I spent mindlessly matching gems. It takes a fairly simple format and adds just enough bells and whistles to keep you occupied for hours on end.

Source: Jumping for jewels